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PowerTac Enhance Your Illumination with a 63.5mm Green Filter for Spartacus/Patrolman Series Flashlights

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Experience the advantages of green light for hunting and outdoor activities with our Green Filter Cover. This accessory is designed to fit flashlights used by hunters, fishermen, and tactical operators.

Key Features:

  • Non-Spooking Illumination: Green light is known for its soft and non-spooking illumination, making it an ideal choice for hunters. It won't startle or scare away prey, allowing you to maintain stealth in the field.

  • Insect-Resistant: Unlike white or yellow light, green light does not attract insects. This means you can use it for extended periods without the annoyance of bugs swarming around your light source.

  • Covert Operations: Green light is less noticeable unless viewed directly, making it valuable for covert operations and maintaining a low profile in various situations.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Green light penetrates smoke and fog more effectively than other colors, improving visibility in challenging environments.

  • Nighttime Map Reading: Many outdoors enthusiasts and military personnel find green light especially useful for nighttime map reading and navigation.

Upgrade your flashlight with our Green Filter Cover to enjoy the benefits of green light during your outdoor adventures. Whether you're hunting, fishing, or involved in tactical operations, this accessory enhances your lighting capabilities while keeping you discreet and effective in the field.

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