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Yamaha Yamalube LUB-MRNMD-KT-11 Outboard Oil Change Kit

by Yamaha
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$61.99 - $61.99
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The Yamaha Yamalube LUB-MRNMD-KT-11 Outboard Oil Change Kit is a comprehensive package designed for easy and convenient oil changes in Yamaha outboard motors. This kit includes all the necessary components to complete an oil change, ensuring optimal engine performance and longevity. The kit includes Yamalube marine oil, a genuine Yamaha oil filter, and a drain gasket, all specifically designed and recommended for use in Yamaha outboard engines. The Yamalube marine oil is formulated to provide excellent lubrication and protection, even in demanding marine environments. The genuine Yamaha oil filter ensures effective filtration, removing impurities and extending the life of your engine. With the included drain gasket, you can confidently perform an oil change without worrying about leaks. This oil change kit simplifies the maintenance process, allowing you to keep your Yamaha outboard motor running smoothly and efficiently.

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