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VP Racing Fuels Radiator System Additive - Cool Down, 16 Ounces (2 Pack). Safe For All Radiators. Decreases Engine Temps Up To 30 degrees F

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  • Cool Down coolant additive improves the performance of coolant and is safe for all radiator systems. It's ideal for racing, street, RV and tow vehicle applications
  • Reduces cylinder head temperatures up to 75°F and decreases engine temperature up to 30°F! Cool Down increases coolant flow for better heat transfer
  • Lubricates vital components and approved by most race sanctions. One 16oz. bottle treats cooling systems of 12-20 quarts. For straight water applications, recommend adding 50% more Cool Down
  • Treatments last for one year or 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. Recommended to change coolant every 2 years. Can be mixed with antifreeze. For use with today’s OAT and HOAT-formula coolants
  • Open the bottle and add contents straight into the radiator or coolant reservoir. Use as directed to prevent disruption of the freeze protection provided by traditional antifreeze containing glycol

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