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VP Racing Fuels Madditive Ultra Marine Boat Fuel Stabilizer and Cleaner for Winterizing and Engine Health/Performance, 24 Ounces

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Treat your boat engine right with VP Racing Fuels Maddative Ultra Marine Boat Fuel Stabilizer and Cleaner, perfect for winterizing your boat and keeping it running smoothly out on the water. Ultra Marine Boat Fuel Stabilizer and Cleanser stabilizes gas, inhibits corrosion, and cleans engines thoroughly. This stabilizer steps into the fuel aging process to get in the way and slow it down. As fuel ages, it goes through phase separation, which occurs when ethanol absorbs water from the air. This causes a water/ethanol separation from gasoline and leads to engine knock, gumming up the engine, and other issues. Ultra Marine stabilizes your gas by slowing and inhibiting this process. VP Racing Fuels also designed the Ultra Marine Stabilizer with a vapor corrosion inhibitor, which protects above and below the fuel line for non-ferrous metals. Keep your engine clean on top of fuel and corrosion protection with the top-tier detergent that keeps your carburetor and fuel injectors clean, prevents ring sticking, and helps eliminate carbon and varnish build-up to keep your engine running like new. Treat up to 240 gallons and keep your boat afloat for years to come with VP Racing Fuels Ultra Marine Boat Fuel Stabilizer and Cleaner. NOTE: This container is solely intended for use with non-fuel or non-kerosene products and must not be used to transport fuel or kerosene. For storage and transport of recyclable automotive fluids, non-potable water, feed attractants, and other outdoor products.

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