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Volvo Penta New OEM Coolant - 5 Liters (1 Gallon), 22567314, Yellow, Black

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The Volvo Penta New OEM Coolant it's a genuine Volvo Penta product designed to provide superior cooling and protection for your marine engine. With this coolant, you can be confident that your engine's cooling system is in capable hands.

Optimal Cooling Properties: This coolant is designed to efficiently dissipate heat from your engine, maintaining optimal operating temperatures even during demanding conditions. Proper cooling enhances engine performance and extends its life.

Corrosion Protection: contains additives that protect your engine's cooling system from corrosion and scale buildup. It safeguards vital components and ensures consistent performance over time.

How to Use Volvo Penta New OEM Coolant:
Ensure your engine is cool and the pressure is released from the cooling system. Drain the old coolant, flush the system with clean water if needed, and then refill with the New OEM Coolant.

Experience marine cooling at its best with Volvo Penta - Purchase the Volvo Penta New OEM Coolant - 5 Liters (1 Gallon) and ensure your engine's cooling system is ready for any adventure.

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