Spark Plug LFR6A 6668 (Pack of 8) Watercraft FX FZR FZS VX VXR VXS Reach 26.5mm Hex Size 16mm Gap 0.9mm Resistor Value 5K Ohm

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Looking for a top-quality, long-lasting spark plug for your watercraft? NGK has you covered with their LFR6A 6668 spark plug! This pack of 8 plugs is perfect for FX, FZR, FZS, VX, VXR, and VXS models. With a hex size of 16mm and a gap of 0.9mm, the NGK LFR6A 6668 is sure to give you the spark you need to keep your boat running smoothly. Plus, with a 5k ohm resistor value, you can be sure that your spark plugs will last for seasons to come. So don't wait - pick up a pack of NGK LFR6A 6668 spark plugs today and keep your boat running at its best!