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PowerTac Warrior/Hero Blue Filter - 37mm Bezel Compatibility

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Enhance the functionality of your flashlight with our versatile color filters, designed for a range of applications. Crafted from flexible materials, these slip-on filters effortlessly fit over the bezel of your flashlight, allowing you to apply the appropriate color for your specific needs.

Our blue or violet light filter is particularly useful for tracking prey, enhancing your hunting or outdoor experience. The unique properties of this filter aid in maintaining a low profile during covert operations and offer improved visibility in smoke or fog-filled environments. Green light is the preferred choice of hunters and fishermen, as its soft illumination won't spook your prey and doesn't attract insects like white or yellow light does. This makes it an excellent option for various outdoor scenarios, ensuring minimal disruption while maintaining effective visibility.

These filters are designed to fit seamlessly with Warrior Series and Gladiator Series flashlights, as well as any flashlight with a 37mm bezel. Elevate your flashlight's capabilities with our easy-to-use color filters, and tailor your illumination to your specific tasks and requirements. Whether it's enhancing night vision, optimizing map reading, or enhancing your stealth operations, our color filters offer a versatile solution for various lighting situations.

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