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PowerTac RCR123A (Rechargeable) 700mAh 3.7V Lithium-ion Battery

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The PowerTac RCR123A is a robust and dependable 16340 Lithium-ion battery, boasting a substantial 700mAh capacity and a 3.7V energy output. Designed to power high-intensity LED lights and various devices requiring elevated voltage levels, this battery is engineered with top-tier safety features and exceptional craftsmanship.

This lithium-ion battery is outfitted with a protective circuit board (PCB) to safeguard against potential issues. It eliminates the memory effect common in other batteries, ensuring a consistent performance over time with minimal self-discharge. Furthermore, the built-in overcharge and overdischarge protection mechanisms enhance the longevity and safety of this reliable rechargeable battery. Choose the PowerTac RCR123A for all your high-power device needs.

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