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PowerTac MANTA Very-Low-Profile Rail Guard - Enhanced Grip & Firearm Protection

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Introducing the MANTA Very-Low-Profile Rail Guard, your ultimate solution for firearm rail protection and enhanced grip. These innovative rail guards cover 6 inches of your rail, providing an exceptional tactile feel while effectively resisting the extreme heat generated during sustained or automatic fire.

Our rail guards are designed with modularity in mind, allowing you to cut them to your desired length for a custom fit. Plus, they easily snap onto your rail in a matter of seconds.

The MANTA Rail Guards are engineered to interface seamlessly with any MANTA products, ensuring comprehensive protection for your exposed rail areas. Additionally, by covering the top rail, they eliminate sight picture mirage caused by the heat of the barrel.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable heat transfer from the rail to your hand; MANTA Rail Guards have you covered. Crafted from revolutionary materials, these guards are resistant to extreme heat, chemicals, and abrasion, making them the top choice for military forces worldwide.

Equip your firearm with the standard-issue MANTA Very-Low-Profile Rail Guard and experience the difference in grip, protection, and performance.

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