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PowerTac Manta Low Pro Wire Routing Rail

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The MANTA 6" Low Profile Wire Routing Rail Guard is a versatile solution for managing wires and mitigating heat on your firearm's rail. This rail guard offers various wire routing options while adding minimal diameter to your rail. Say goodbye to cumbersome zip ties and tape!

This modular rail guard seamlessly interfaces with other MANTA products, ensuring comprehensive rail protection. It effectively covers the top rail to eliminate sight picture mirage caused by barrel heat. With MANTA Rail Guards, the days of heat transferring from the rail to your hand are long gone.

Crafted from groundbreaking materials, MANTA products are engineered to resist extreme heat, chemicals, and abrasion. It's no wonder that this rail guard is standard issue on the U.S.M.C. M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle and is trusted by militaries worldwide.

Upgrade your rail system with the MANTA 6" Low Profile Wire Routing Rail Guard – the ultimate solution for wire management and heat control.

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