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PowerTac (E5, M5, M6, E10R, and E9) Blue Filter - 25mm Bezel Adaptation

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Enhance the functionality of your flashlight with our versatile color filters designed to fit any flashlight with a 25mm bezel. Crafted from a flexible material, these filters slip easily over the bezel, allowing you to apply the appropriate color for specific scenarios.

Our blue/violet light filter is particularly useful for tracking prey in outdoor settings. Its unique hue aids in maintaining stealth and minimizes disturbance to the environment. This filter fits models from the E5, E10, and E20 Series, as well as M5 and M8 flashlights.

Upgrade your flashlight's capabilities and adapt to different situations with these easy-to-use and durable color filters. Whether you're a hunter, outdoor enthusiast, or need specialized lighting for various tasks, our filters provide a simple yet effective solution.

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