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PowerTac 45mm Green Filter Lens for Gladiator and Huntsman XLT Flashlights

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Green light has become a top choice for hunters and fishermen due to its unique qualities. Unlike white or yellow light, green light is soft and won't spook your prey. Plus, it has the added benefit of not attracting insects, making your outdoor experience more enjoyable.

In covert operations, green light excels because it's not easily detectable unless someone is looking directly at it. This makes it a valuable tool in stealthy situations, especially in environments filled with smoke or fog.

Green light is also a favorite for nighttime map reading, offering just the right amount of visibility without compromising your night vision.

Whether you're hunting, fishing, navigating through challenging conditions, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, green light is your versatile, non-distracting companion. Choose the right lighting for your adventures

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