Big Foot Organic Mycorrhizal Granular Fungi Mycorrhizae Inoculant for Plant Root Growth Biochar, Worm Castings, Glomus Intaracides 2 lb

Big Foot

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  • MYCORRHIZAL SOIL FOOD WEB FORMULA- Beneficials include BIO CHAR, WORM CASTINGS, MICO-NUTRIENTS, KELP, HUMIC ACID. This formula greatly enhances your roots surface area and overall plant health.
  • * ALL IN ONE MYCORRHIZAE PRODUCT – 66 props per gram of The Glomus Intaradices (best species for transplant shock and nutrient uptake). Endo Arbusuclar Mycorrhiza forms with 90% of Plants Globally for Perennials, Annuals, Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, Lawns, Shrubs, Trees, and Indoor Plants.
  • * 100% ORGANIC CERTIFIED- All-Natural CdFA and OMRI CERTIFIED Mycorrhizal Fungi produced in United States. No Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Completely Safe around Kids and Pets. Ready to Use, Not for Human Consumption. Non-GMO.
  • * SAVE MONEY PER PLANT- Inoculating with and All-in one root stimulator with mycorrhizae means you can use less mycorrhizae per plant and see more colonized mycorrhizal roots. Plants Require 30% Less Water and Significantly Less Fertilizer Usage. Sprinkle 1 scoop during transplant around the potting hole.
  • * INCREASE YOUR SURFACE AREA OF ROOTS- Mycorrhizal colonized roots will be 100-1000 larger than non-mycorrhizal roots! Colonized roots will help with Resisting Disease and run off of added amendments. Plants will Thrive in Soil Damaged by Road Salts and Sea Water. Counteracts Soil Deficiencies and Transforms Poor Soils to Release Essential Nutrients to Grow Vibrant Healthy Self-Sufficient Plants and Crops.