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AzureGreen Novelty Athame Knife Flowing Goddess Beautiful Designed Hilt and Sheath Blade 13in Overall,Stainless Steel

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The AzureGreen Novelty Athame Knife is a stunning and unique tool that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. This athame features a beautifully designed hilt and sheath, adorned with flowing goddess motifs, adding an element of elegance and spirituality to your rituals and ceremonies.

With an overall length of 13 inches, this athame commands attention and makes a bold statement. The stainless steel blade is both durable and sharp, allowing for precise and efficient cutting and carving. Whether you're performing rituals, casting circles, or working with energy, this athame provides a reliable tool for your spiritual practices.

The flowing goddess design on the hilt and sheath symbolizes femininity, divine energy, and the connection to nature. It adds a touch of beauty and grace to the athame, making it a visually striking piece that stands out among other ritual tools.

The athame comes with a sheath that not only protects the blade but also enhances its overall appearance. The sheath features a matching design with the flowing goddess motif, completing the aesthetic appeal of the athame.

Whether you're a practitioner of Wicca, Paganism, or any other spiritual path, the AzureGreen Novelty Athame Knife offers a combination of functionality and artistic beauty. It serves as a versatile tool for rituals, ceremonies, and spellwork, while also being a visually captivating item to cherish in your collection.

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