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AMRS-303-30306 303 Aerospace UV Protectant 32oz

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  • The World's Most Manufacturer-Recommended product, 303 Aerospace Protectant, keeps UV-sensitive materials like new year after year. Powerful UV blockers prevent fading, cracking and premature aging. Safe and effective for use on: vinyl, plexiglas, carbon fiber, rubber, plastics and finished leather. No other protectant beautifies as intensely or preserves as powerfully.
  • Dries to a clear matte finish Restores lost color and luster Safe for outdoor gear and apparel
  • Directions for Use:
  • Use only on clean surfaces Place a drop cloth under the cleaner to be treated to catch any overspray. Out of direct sun, spray surface with 303 Aerospace UV Protectant and wipe completely dry. If streaking occurs, too much product has been used. This product does not air dry. Apply every 3-5 weeks for maximum UV protection.

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